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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ehrenmord FTW !

Ein neues Wort ist geboren: Ehrenmord

In the last days, the german language has formalized the usage of several new words, related with things like credit crunch, afterhours partying, but also... honor killing.

The Ehrenmord word as I know it has been used in the past for kills caused by religious dogmas, like those existing in radical islamism. E.g. if your sister behaves imorally, you have the right(!) to kill her, ie, to perform an Ehrenmord !

HOWEVER, I can't stop thinking that usage of Ehrenmord has widespreaded since 2005 because of World of Warcraft.

The game has in deed a global impact.

Pets ftw and something completely different

Anyway.. tonight, dinged my 75th pet, and got to pug Ulduar, getting 2 achievements.

Talking about pugging, my guild is not working anymore, ppl not showing, little talking, no answering in guild chats when we try to run an OS10+1D and ask ppl to come, nothing happening, everyone pugging... /cry.

It's starting to seem like the time has come to move on, though I'm still trying...

"I've lost that loving feeling"

350 ppl on Chromaggus at 10PM.
>1000 ppl on Frostmane at 10PM.

It says everything about how empty my server is.

OMG Atic Atac the old Spectrum guild was so perfect, 3 raids a night, they are a Top10 guild, Yogg Saron down in heroic, doing hardmodes now... /cryalot
Burning Steppes guild from my friend João doing good... wtb faction transfer !!!!!!!!!! Am i going to betray Alliance ? How can I ? :(

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bored and my new class: DK

The last days I've been working on getting the Scorchling pet from MGT. Since I couldn't get the Ashes of A'lar, at least I got the pet, after 20 runs (ouch), making it my 74th one.

I also finished Oracles exalting task (for the 2nd time, omg), and reached 35 exalted.

After this, and after thinking of how MGT heroic could be run, I kind of start thinking about leveling Shareth the Heartstealer, my unloved Death Knight.

And so I did. And... oh my god, what a blast. The class is totally overpowered, at least at this level. I leveled about one level per hour, from 60 to 63.

While doing it, I was able to solo the first 2 mobs in Ramparts (60 elites), I was able to solo Azzurius, the Elite 63 demon in Hellfire.... I'll probably be able to solo the Overlord :)

I chose a deep Blood spec, it's healing, dpsing, it' simmply unbelieveable, almost like the .god .cheat .kill commands I used on private server tests.

I'm starting to envision the future. Shareth tanking mobs and Netcownt in the back, dpsing with no aggro.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frostbitten !!!

After nearly a week where Aotona and Putridus eluded me, last night I got her, thanks to Tarithel and her warning. Actually it was my kid that said "Hey pappy, your computer just made a loud noise". Weeee.

Today, I logged and minutes later Putridus showed up. He's so big that he was targettable from the other side of Icecrown, amazing !!! He also has 75K and patrols near elites, but luckily, I got him in a place with no hostiles.

Ok, job done, one less thing to do in WOTLK.

What now ?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A little progress

In the last days, I've been hunting rare pets, and in one hour, I got both a (1/1000) dragonling and the (1/2000) oozeling, bringing my total to 71.

I can now get the 75 pets, however, I'm still trying to get 1 more (hyacinth(!!) or firefly or a cheap horde pet hehe), in order not to spend my argent seals (got 200 now), so I can save for the flying mount later.

I also recomputed my total mounts, and I can achieve 95 (if I'm lucky enough with baron, oracle egg and two zul'gurub mounts, plus AQ40 ones). So theoretically, with an additional 500 seals (!!!) I can get my 100 mount achievement. Or I wait for 3.2 or 3.3 and get it easier.

My guildie pal also told me that the violet drake is nothing less than 310%, I had missed that !! HAHA, so in September I'll have one. Nicey.

I did a Ulduar hardmode, easy mode actually, if ppl have enough gear lvl to do it and play smart, avoiding the frost beams.

I got the EOS assassin one, 5 kills in 4 towers, woopideedoo.

Another front I'm fighting is the 40 exalted reputations.

Since I was slacker enough not to run Black Temple or Karazhan with Netcownt, I had to find some replacement reputations.

So I beat a record, getting from neutral to exalted with Thorium Brotherhood in 24 hours. It was so easy, just farm Searing Gorge underground lizzards, then farm BRD for dark iron residues, and then farm Molten Core (with my nice skinner alt)... and of course, farm the Action House and guild bank. I spent about 700 gold, most of it in heavy leather to level it faster. Actually it was a bit silly, the cores were much cheaper, but fck it, I'm exalted :)

Total exalted reputations are now 33, needing only Zul'Gurub, 3 of the Steemweedle Cartel, and the old TBC ones I slacked also, Lower City and Honor hold, and Oracles (for the 3rd time, I bring a Sholazar faction to exalted, OMG!)

Tchan tchan only 3 rares to go, 1 from Sholazar (Aotona, the worst place possible, right on top of the oracle quest givers), and 2 from Icecrown (same shit, due to argent quests)

The rest of the time it's been crappy due to holidays, loss of interest in raiding, etc, etc.

I'm not so sure anymore the spirit will be back, considering dpsers started to gquit.