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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Emperors Reborn

This weekend I had some real fun MMO'ing.

It started with me finally completing the achievement for killing Arthas in Heroic 25 mode. So many fools playing this game, made it a disgrace. Old Arthas made good fun of a lot of them for many weeks, watching them fly across the icy platform because of Shadow Traps, or wiping the raid because of defile. Finally, I had a lucky shot with a group where the idiots died soon and the remaining knew what to do, so down he came.
The funny part is that the run was exclusively to get a mount for the RL, that was paying 300K to the one highest roller. It didn't drop. May be I join next week LOL

It then proceeded with me going to Firelands and 1-shotting all the bosses, including Ragnaros. I was the only one in <390 gear (383i atm), so ofc it wasn't as hard as it was a few months ago, but for me it felt good. I was not dps racing, but I actually did some good numbers in the fights where destro is good. Other fights are a disgrace for this spec. We had gone on Tuesday, but only did 6/7.

Finally, we quickly went to BWD to kill Nefarian, and we 1-shotted it. The strategy feels really basic. Ofc it was easy because the boss was tuned for i359 gear, but still bot he and Onyxia kick ass.

Then I switched to LOTRO to help a friend with some quests in the Pit of Iron, and finished the day inside SWTOR.

SWTOR is growing bigger in my appreciation level. It's now approaching 4 out of 5, passed LOTRO :) . I entered in my 2nd month of subscription, and started leveling more seriously. Netgold, my Bounty Hunter, is lvl 20. Both my pals have reached 49-50 and are ready for heroics, so time to step up my game.

My 2500K machine will be ready this week, hopefully. Z68, SSD cache, 4GHz, 1600DDR3, all the new crap.

Ah, nearly forgot, I went dualboxing again..PVE raiding ! Yes, LFR allows it, and I can even trade items between my chars. Tarithel is shadow-specced, around 375i, so it's more than enough to be among the top 15 dps :)
Silly me, won the first two items for my kid's priest because I couldn't trade them (need to be in the same guild, I guess) for my lock. I would have 4pc by now.

Oh well... next week I'm going with the guild, hopefully it will be fun

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WoW: Free week over.

Results ?

All new heroics done, epox looted, CHECK !

Dragon Soul done, Deathwing is dead , CHECK !

Transmogrified my PVE gear to Merciless/T5 (Merciless is so much better!), Used Void Storage, CHECK !

Played the new Darkmoon Faire, doing all the achievements I could. CHECK!

Passed 11K achiev points, back to 1st place in guild :) CHECK

Completed Glory of the Ulduar 25, got my beautiful proto-drake, CHECK !

NEARLY did Glory of the Icecrown Heroic 25 (always some idiot causes defile).

Had fun in PVP, healers rock so much, it's now a healer's war.

All in all, I had great fun.

Is WoW still worth playing ?


My new i2500K machine is nearly ready. SWTOR is waiting.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

WOW: Free week and Dragon Soul .. AH AH AH

I went back to WoW to check whether 4.3 is worth playing.
From what I saw, it is NOT.
Except, of course, if you want to see all the content in one day and be done with it.

There are three new instances, one new raid, which can be entered, and conquered, by anyone, because Blizzard implemented a "look for raid", which gives loot and is (at least from a dps point of view) the easiest thing ever done.

Come on, downing a boss in DS25-LFR is as difficult as the first boss in old Deadmines.

I checked on the prerequisites, it was 370 iLvl or so. I went from 359 to 370 in 2-days by a bit of farming for Justice Points and the three new heroics.

Today I did the first 4 bosses. It was either nuke boss or "go where the other 24 are going and kill whatever they are killing". No strategy, no communication, no "I'll do this". Nothing.

I can't imagine how Deathwing is going to last more than 24 hours, because the next 4 and last bosses will probably be as easy as these first 4.

Oh dear...comparing with BWL and AQ40.. what a joke.

What else happened ?

I suspended RIFT, of course, since I'm now level 50.
My LOTRO minstrel Janariel completed all the questing, and now all that remains are a few deeds and some fun time with 3-instances with my RL pals.
SWTOR...my new PC is still under consideration. And part of it (PVP) is for me atm unplayable. Some PVE parts, the ones with lots of ppl around me, also not. I look at WoW and think that they did a very good job limiting CPU usage. Yes, in 25-raids my machine goes down, or in populated areas. But I can run everywhere on more empty servers (like Chrommaggus) and get 50 fps, continuously.
In SWTOR, I get 10-40 fps. And it oscillates a LOT, with the CPU usage always at 100% for both cores.