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Monday, March 22, 2010

ICC25 Bloodprinces and Rotface smashed.. and GLORY

Last week we 1-shotted every boss up to Sindragosa in ICC10 (getting pro here) but then..... mnhamenhamenham... we're still stuck. We changed the tactics to match the tanskpot hard mode video, having the two Icy Tombs at the bottom of the stairs, alternating sides in P3, but the problem remains. I myself find it insane to simultaneously watch out for:
1 - Mystic buffet ( I died on last try while Icy Tombed with 2 Buffets and 17K hit damage !)
2 - Instability (5 or above equals death) to stop ALL casts (even Life tap triggers it)
3 - Being a frost beacon
4 - dpsing Sindra
5 - Setting a portal in useful spot but still in range of Sindra to run away at frost breath (between the two portals should work)
6 - Checking Mystic buffet timer to see when or not to dps the f* tombs.
7 - Get my pet behind a tomb since the last time I watched he was still living but with... 22 buffets !

The result is a miserable dps while keeping some survivability, or a good dps while having a miserable survivability.

All in all, Sindra P3 is a big mess !!!! Help wanted !!!

As to good news, we downed Rotface in ICC25, it was just a question of some ppl understanding the tactics, since it doesn't require that much gear/dps.

Better still, I was able to successfully tank Keleseth in ICC25 and stay alive to then end with no felhunter deaths, so we pwned them.

My bad luck continues, gunship doesn't drop the crit trinket, Marrowgarr doesn't drop the weapon and worse still, no one drops any damn boots: So I keep on using a lvl 200 trinket and TOC10 boots :(

EDIT: Nearly forgot..... I completed Glory of the Hero !!!!!! YAY !!!! No more Heroics... except that I still need the Needy achiev :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

10/12 ICC10 and 5/12 ICC25, stuck at Sindragosa

This weekend we pwned every ICC10 boss, including 2-shotting Blood Queen Lathaniel, until Sindragosa.

The queen is so easy, just set a bite priority, then rock your dps, get together when linked, and spread during air phase... oh and run away on swarming shadows.

Sindragosa... that's a completely different matter.

The first phases, ground and air, are very easy. Stop when debuffedx5, use teleport to get away when pulled, and during air phase, spread out, get away from marked ppl, and slowly dps tombs, while rotating to LOS the bombs.

As to P3... a nightmare. It seems easy in theory, ie, when marked, run to a spot, everyone else (?) dps the tomb while LOS'ing the boss to clear the debuff... run away when pulled.. rinse and repeat.

In practice... it's way worse.
Or the healers are LOS from the tanks and they die, or the dps are to slow to dps the tomb, or to move away, and pretty soon there are 2 tombs, or the Instability soon kills someone that forgot to stop dps, or someone gets pulled and does not get away fast enough... miriads of problems.

We tried a few times on Sat and 10 times on Sun. No way.

The best we could do was 20%.. we tried with the standard positioning, ie, Sindra with the tail to the stairs, and then with Sindra head near the stairs, and the spot in such a way that the healers dont get LOS to the tanks, but neither worked.

I wonder why...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

9/12 ICC10 and 5/12 ICC25 after Dream raid

This week we overpushed in ICC10 to get some progress. And progress we did. We downed Putricide and Valkyria Dreamwalker, both bosses are actually easy as long as you stick to a strict schedule.

For Putricide, always walk south and north, and dont stay near the middle during the green-rooting slime attack, to give time for the dps both to dps and to close-in on you, just in case. That's my best advice. And ofc stay away of every sh*t on the floor.

For Valkyria, prioritize your adds, with Blazing Skeletons as absolutely top priority, then supressors (unless someone is assigned to be in their neighborhood), then the Archmages, then Blistering Zombies (kite them from tank), and finally the Abominations... and kick your tank if he doesnt do good AoE when the abomination little spawns come out, they 2-shot hit you if you aggro them.
Nature res might help... that's all folks.

At the Blood Council, I tanked Keleseth again and I performe well enough to get ourselves the Orb Whisperer achievement, as I never got more than 25K spell hit, meaning 3 orbs or more were on me all the time. Well, that's supposed to be like that, if the range tank doesnt slack hehe.

Finally, we tried Sindragosa. The fight is insanely easy. The only thing that's a bit tricky is when ppl get frozen too much near the wall, and it's hard to see the direction where the bombs are coming from. It's also a bit tricky to match the destroying of the frozen tomb with the end of the bombing. We wiped twice and called it a night.

As to ICC25..we're stuck on Rotface, and this week we got stuck on Festergut as some impatient idiots left the guild, and they were doing good dps. Last week we had killed Fester with 2 secs to spare, this week we failed with Fester ending with... 50K on our best try. Crap !

Finally, an important achievement completed, I'm Exalted with 40 reputations.

On the LOTRO front, I'm enjoying it ! Luckily my trial-ended but a welcome back week started, so I'm getting 3 weeks of free play. I'm now a lvl 24 Minstrel and kicking ass. I like the deed/trait thing, it's a different breeze from a talent based spec. And the graphics are stunning, Bree Land is amazing. I'm getting ready for my first instance, Great Barrows, looking forward to do it with my n00b fellowship, 1 healer, 1 dps, 1 tank LOL

Friday, March 05, 2010

Wee Festergut 25 down !

Last night, the damn boss that was keeping us from going forward in the Citadel came down for good.

The Strength of Wrynn, a buff that will go from 5% to 30%, set by Blizzard to allow us poor casuals to see WOTLK content, helped us. But we finished with a few seconds to spare, so I wonder if it would come down without the buff. Probably not. Gah.

Anyways, he's down, and last night we tried Rotface 25. It seems exactly the same as in ICC10, and it gets harder to the end. Our best try was 20%. We'll see tonight.

Must stay away from the Big Ooze, must stay away from the Big Ooze, must stay away from the Big Ooze. Hard to do it when the healer doesnt cure me while I'm waiting by the tank to provide a nice oozie and nothing happens for 5 secs...sooner or later one gets a hit or gets the feet on the green poo and...RIP.

I found a way that works nearly all the time to go for the tank.. simply create a macro that follows him. So when u get the debuff, you just click and there you go.. of course, dont go too near the tank because of the AoE. But just to play safe, keep moving the camera around the check his whereabouts.

Edit: As a lock, I've just found out that the Mutated Infection is Shadow Damage ! Shadow Damage Ha ha ha ! Ok, remember to use Shadow Ward every time I go for the tank, since I can't be dpsing. That's about 3 seconds of free running.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A night at the circus: The Baloon Man

Some time has passed since my last topic. Not much progress has been done in ICC.
Well, a little.

In ICC25, we are pwning the first 4 bosses, but can't get past Festergut and its dps race. I'm usually in the top 3, but there are still ppl doing below 6K dps, and that leaves Festergut enraging at 15%. Tactics are fine, everyone now runs to the spores, my portal helps me get back and I nearly don't loose dps except when... a mage by my side activates the mirror images. I'd swear every time they become active, I start to vomit due to getting too close to the bloody images.

We also tried the blood princes in ICC25, I was the baloon man, but oh man, it's hard to move around fetching baloons, when ppl steal them from me, and when the damn knock back occurs 5 secs before keleseth activating, giving me no more time to fetch baloons before I get killed by a 25K Empowered Shadow Lance.

In ICC10, we're easily clearing Festergut, then Rotface.. it's a bit harder, a few wipes, damn oozes and the green sh*t that suddenly pops on the floor when we're right on top of it are damn hard. But we manage.

This week, we did the Blood Princes in ICC10, and again, I was the baloon man. It is so much easier, I managed to get it fine, both staying alive and aggroing with searing pain, so that dps can kill it. Now I have to learn how to also dps while I'm aggroing and pulling baloons. I've been using a few tricks, like a 0/43/28 spec, with soul link and the nether protection, plus a voidwalker for the sacrifice shield and also shadow ward. To pull baloons I'm using rank 1 Curse of Agony, which worked great in ICC and lasts 24 secs. To keep aggro, searing pain, ofc, but some ppl say that decimate works just fine during the 1HP phase.

We also tried Valkyria Dreamwalker, the boss where the healers have to heal the boss while we kill add waves... we healed her up to 77%, so next week she'll come down for sure. I think one missing trick was our hunter using Nature resistance aura. I told it in chat, but I guess it wasn't loud enough :)

So, all in all: 7/12 ICC10 and 4/12 ICC25

Ah, last but not least, we've been trying TOGC25, and... omg it's hard !!! The enraging timer for Icehowl is a pain, we got him to 1% (<300K to go) but it's damn hard.

On a different note, I've now stopped playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, since although it's free to play, our group of 3 (me as bard, and 2 melee friends) has run out of dungeons to do at lvl 6.

So, the last week we've been trying Lord of the Rings Online, and this time, I'm actually liking it. Of course, we will have to pay for it, and tbh, having 3 subscriptions (2 WOW and 1 LOTRO) is overkill for my free time.

I also tried Guild Wars to check, but the game is ugly, looks like an old AION (same company NCBS, actually).

And... I also tried WAR, now that is's also free to play. I bought the game in 2008 and played it for 1 month, but quit because it was too sluggish and with slow fps.

Now I've got an ATI 5770 and I can play at 50FPS with maximum detail, both LOTRO and WAR.

As to Warcraft, it's still a bit of a pain in 25-raids, I have to decrease some things to be able to get 20-30 fps, but it becomes playable then.

Enough talking. Let's play !