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Saturday, November 24, 2012

On being fast and furious

Nearly a month has passed, and I've been busy doing dailies, getting reputation on the Pandaria factions, for the sake of being able to spend my valor points in vendor rewards, which is the only way to get epic gear, besides raiding. It's so ridiculous that epics are rewarded, not for the difficulty of a task, but for the length of a task (getting revered on these factions require almost of a month of constant grinding).

Some parts are fun, like Tillers, ie, Farmville, some others are ugly and generate hate, like the Klaxxi, an insectoid race AQ-like.

I moved to my new server, PVP Maelstrom, and to my new guild, Haunted Heavens, and raiding has started. I've new cleared half of Mogushan Vaults in 25-normal, which is not bad. Boss tactics seem to be easier and easier these days, as long as your awareness switch is ON. As to dps, I have some very good dpsers in my guild, a few of them warlocks, so it's been fun to see that people still continue to look at raiding as a dps race. My muscle stiffness needs relaxation every 15 mins or so nowadays... boy I'm getting OLD !

I already got ranked in Worldoflogs fight of stone guardians, number 137, with a iLvl of 470 or so !
And I found a nice site: Raidbots , that keeps track of your quality as a raider. Not bad, I've been epic !

As to PVP itself, arenas are now very hard for non-bursty lovers like me, who liked to stay alive and have time to think. Now there's no time, you are bursted to death in less than 10 secs. I don't know if that's because I suck nowadays, or my resilience sucks, or both.