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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Черт русские покупают PvP

I'm sure you didn't understand anything. The meaning is that Russian players absolutely dominate PVP battlegrounds, specially casual ones.

I don't know why this happens, but it seems that a common language helps, a sense of nation pride helps, hell, I don't know why, because portuguese players don't have this "nation group hug" ability, but whatever is the reason, and it should be studied by Psychology, it makes them nearly invincible.


I've been playing WoW the last weeks, finished the legendary quest line for 6.1 (awaiting 6.2 and I think I'll go OFFLINE until it comes out), and did most of the pet achievements I wanted to do, including, 10 minutes ago, AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE, winning a lot of legendary battles with 2 battle pets and a carried non-battle pet. It was rewarding, to say the least.

PVP-wise, I've been battling with Strings/Fiddler, my healing Pala m8, keeping around 1500 (1532 was max. we got), and I'm full epic PVP 660/690 gear now, always as Demo, which I learned to master, in what concerns bursting.

Unfortunately, 6.2 patch notes have come out today and Blizzard will nerf it by a lot, ALL abilities (except Corruption, Yay!) will be nerfed by 10-25%. Absolutely stupid. I haven't seen Demo locks top the PVE charts or PVP charts, so


They seem to act in order to balance whatever happens at the top of the 2400+ PVP charts or Mythic raiding, things that only 1-10% of the player base reach.

The rest of the player base doesn't feel this lack of balance, but they are the Masters of the Game, they rule.

Our Bad. My Bad.

Meanwhile, stay with some arena games I did. I win about half of the games I play...

1-2-3 dead feral !

1-2-3 dead no not dead try again 1-2-3-4-5-6... 1-2-3 yes !

We took our time but boy was it fun to crush these two RUSSIANS !


Blizzard are keen in destroying player fun. The other thing they destroyed...Ashran.

Ashran was king of mass PVP in 6.0. People showed by the hundreds, mass battled, and it was fun to do so, and it was also the ONLY way to make any use of the Gladiator Sanctum building, ie, doing the Nemesis quests, 500 players down for each race.

What did Blizzard do ? Kill Ashran. Nerf most Conquest Point wins, and most important, removing CP entirely from killing the enemy commander. Result ? Horde, as usual (like Russians) now dominate the events that reward CP, and Alliance scatter and simply don't join. Consequence ? It's now utterly impossible to complete the Nemesis Quests.

Congratulations, Blizzard, another stupid move.


I've been slowly leveling my alts, with the help of Heirlooms, and a great XP buff Pot that Garrisons vendors sell (Dunno who gave me the tip, but it was a GREAT tip), one level per day in 30 mins or so.


Last but not least, I've been mount and legendary weapon farming, helped by the fact that SWP, Hyjal, BT are now rewarding pets too, and I got half of the LEGENDARY ROGUE SET from Black Temple !!! 
I'm also near the end of the Legendary Rogue quest chain from Dragon Soul, a few more weeks farming, which I'm also using to farm the Ultraxxion mount and complete my AWAKE THE DRAKES achievement !




(so that they migrate to Western countries and teach western players how to properly play PVP. BloodPet as one good example, he's been my bible for Demo PVP)


Before I go... Quizz !

Yes, it's a waterfall. See my wings and my pets ?
Question: Where was this taken ? 

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aesyr said...

Ora boas rapaz :)
Parabens pelos lendarios. Parece que tas a te diverter :) Entao e como vao as coisas por Lisboa?
Por ca ta tudo mais ou menos, mas vou voltar a mudar me para Lisboa.
(Espero bem que nao seja asneira e nao me arrependa mas logo vemos.)
A ver se combinanos café. A proposito desculpa nunca mais ter feito add no facebook, mas esqueco me sempre lol. a ver se o faco esta noite.
Abracos Aesyr